《 Crooning on the Steppe - Morin Khuur 》

《草原上的低吟–馬頭琴   》 Crooning on the Steppe – Morin Khuur

Oil on canvas, 2016

Height: 205 cm. Width: 290 cm.


I had read the ancient Mongolian legend, 《Morin Khuur》, the story is here: a young man, Su He, saw a dying pony on the vast Mongolian steppe, took him back home and took care of it; time passed by, the pony grew up a strong handsome horse, and Su He heard that the Mongolian lord was in the horse selection race, and the winner can marry the princess. Su He had a smooth victory, but the lord denied the promise and snatched the horse, and the horse only wanted to follow its master and desired going home, the lord eventually commanded soldiers to kill the horse. The horse memorizes the master with void! The soul returns with hatred! Su He heard the horse telling him in the dream: “My master, don’t be sad, made the strings with my mane, and the zither with my bone, let me be with you always!” … on this moment, the tears burst in my eyes. I decided to paint such an ancient legend of the Mongolian steppe into a 300F giant oil painting. In its middle part, it is the protagonist, Su He, surrounded by the soldiers assigned by the lord, and on the upper left side, it is Mongolia ancient flag.