《 King & Beggar 》

《 King & Beggar 》

Oil on canvas, 2011

Height: 145 cm. Width: 111 cm.


This painting originated from the scene where a dirty beggar leaning on the chair in the park not far from the Marienplatz Square of Munich when I had a personal trip to Germany; I tucked ten Euros into his hands, and he who had closed eyes suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes seemed filling with gratitude, which gave a bit of warm in such a cold Europe.  Because I was sketching at the corner of Theatiner Church in front of the park in the afternoon, thinking that the yellow building at the front is built to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Munich and there is somewhat difference between the king’s extravagant luxury and the beggar’s poverty. After back, I spent seven months in this work. I used a stone to replace the chair of the park and engraved it with the content of Psalm 112:9 ” He hath dispersed, he hath given to the poor; his righteousness endureth for ever; his horn shall be exalted with honour.” I wish the world never had people living in poverty, and I am willing to express it with this work.

《 國王與乞丐 》 


《 Mother Teresa - Angle of Earth 》

《 Mother Teresa – Angle of Earth 》

Oil on canvas, 2015

Height: 205 cm. Width: 290 cm.


This work shall express that I was greatly moved by the Mother Teresa with the most pious attitude.

I gave it with three triangular compositions; on the left side are old patients at the dying home of Calcutta in India, who was cared by the volunteers; patients are directed towards the protagonist Mother Teresa; the nuns in the dying home had a hand gesture of the palms up that the Catholic is featured, expressing that the Lord also showed reverence to the Lord’s messenger, Teresa. The bottom part shows lying male persons expressing appraise to the righteous act of Teresa with Laurel. The right side shows my smooth shape of men and women holding flags upward without styling reference of the models, expressing their pursuit of rescuing others with determination to sacrifice themselves. The light shrouded the Saint Teresa from the sky, which is the Holy Spirit of God, also the warmth that the world perceives Mother Teresa. She fully expresses the ultimate kindness of humanity. As what she said, “I have never seen God, but I have seen God in the sick”.

《 德蕾莎修女 – 人間天使 》 

這件作品,以最虔敬的態度表達我對德蕾莎修女義行的感動。 我以三個三角形構圖,最左邊印度加爾各達垂死之家的老病人被義工褓抱照護,病患視覺都朝向主角德蕾莎修女,垂死之家的修女以天主教特有手勢兩手掌心向上,表達對主也對主的使者德蕾莎表達崇敬。下方有仰臥與俯身的男人以桂冠表達對德蕾莎的義行嘉冕。右邊在完全沒有模特兒的造型參考下,自己流暢地造型出男女擎舉旗幟,表達追求攜牲自己幫助救難的決心。把光明從天空籠罩德蕾莎聖人,那來自天空的光是主的神靈,亦是世界對德蕾莎的溫暖感受。她將人類善的極致充分表達。誠如她所說的話: 「我從未見過上帝,但我在病人身上看見上帝」。

《 War & Peace 》

《 War & Peace 》

Oil on canvas, 2010

Height: 37 cm. Width: 44 cm.


《 戰爭與和平 》


高:37 cm 寬:44 cm