《 The Four Oceans 》

《 The Four Oceans 》

Oil on canvas, 2014

Height: 290 cm. Width: 410 cm.


The creation shows the fact when I saw that the central square of Navona, its Fountain of the Four Rivers only has Ganges, Nile, Danube, Labrador River when I was in Italy, with which China’s Yangtze River was ignored. So I raised the view up to four oceans. The ocean on the surface of the earth and major rivers going through the entire work was achieved by the rhythm of muscle man of great strength in the center of the picture.  I took the people to represent the ocean and rivers on the ground, echoing the East and the West where characters are used to show the anthropomorphic spirit, such as the eastern myth《Feng Shen Bang》, 《Shan Hai Jing》, many gods in the western Greek mythology and animals and plants in nature and so on.

Because the ocean which accounts for the most on the earth is the Pacific, so I set the central lead role to symbolize the Pacific, referring to the motion of a football player, who holds a water urn with Asia and the Americas satellite aerial map. The left one dressed in green is Yangtze River, surrounded by the land of Asia, and a panda is underneath it. In the right side, Bengal tiger is underneath the Ganges River of India; the carrier of the urn at the most right is the Atlantic Ocean, enclosing the American continent attaching Indian feathers; the Americas is like a newborn child held. Europe is at the lower left corner, and the urn carrier represents the Arctic Ocean; the Greenland is on the urn. The upper left urn carrier symbolizes the Indian Ocean, and the African Nile and a crocodile are surrounding the African continent. The Mount Everest is placed in the center, with children’s fingers pointing to the stars, a symbol of the unknown universe.

《 四大洋 》